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Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies have yielded a flood of new information about the genetic basis of differences in disease predisposition as well as new genes that contribute to the developmental and physiological abnormalities underlying human pathologies. Although exciting, these dramatic advances have posed a new and fundamentally important set of challenges for biomedical science. While some novel disease genes affect well-known proteins in new ways, many encode proteins or RNAs about which little is known. One key challenge will be to determine the biochemical, cellular and organismal functions of these proteins and RNAs in order to give us the insights needed to understand their role in disease. Another challenge will be integrating the large amount of information that comes from genomic, biochemical, and imaging data in order to understand the complexity of biological systems during development, and the changes that lead to dysfunction of these systems during disease. IBGS helps assemble the interdisciplinary research teams that will be necessary to address these central new challenges.
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Areas of Research

  • Vicki Bautch:  Vascular Development and Endothelial Cell Biology
  • Frank Conlon:  Vertebrate Heart Development
  • Steve Crews:  Nervous System Development and Gene Regulation
  • Bob Duronio:  Regulation of Cell Proliferation During Development
  • Jill Dowen: Gene Regulation and Chromosome Structure During Development and Disease
  • Rosann Farber:  Human Molecular Genetics
  • Tal Kafri:  Development of Lentivirus Vectors for Gene Therapy
  • Amy Maddox:  Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Cell Division
  • Nobuyo Maeda:  Pathology of Atherosclerosis and Molecular Evolution
  • Bill Marzluff:  Regulation of RNA Metabolism in Animal Cells
  • Greg Matera:  Biogenesis of Ribonucleoproteins in Health and Disease
  • Glenn Matsushima:  Inflammation and Neuroimmunology
  • Dan McKay: Genomics of Gene Regulation in Drosophila Development
  • Gary Pielak:  Protein Biophysics in Living Cells
  • Matt Redinbo:  Structural Studies of Dynamic Cellular Processes
  • Jeff Sekelsky:  DNA Repair and Recombination
  • Kevin Weeks:  Structural and Chemical Biology of the Transcriptome
  • Yue Xiong:  Cell Proliferation and Cancer Development